Roger Wilson Nursing Scholarship open for applications

The family of Roger Wilson of Aitkin established the Roger Wilson Nursing Scholarship in Roger’s memory to help individuals better themselves.  See application, which is due Fri., June 9, to the Riverwood Foundation. Call the Foundation staff at 218-927-8286 for information as needed.

These scholarship funds are intended to ease the burden of tuition costs so that aspiring students or healthcare professionals can obtain advanced training in Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nursing degrees. The desired outcome is to enhance the local healthcare workforce and to strengthen the health system serving the Aitkin County and Garrison communities and surrounding areas.

Roger passionately supported Riverwood Healthcare Center and believed others should join  him in giving back to an organization that plays such a central role in our personal lives and in our community. In order to have high quality healthcare in a small rural community, it’s important to have well educated and highly trained healthcare professionals.

Roger’s mission in life was to help individuals improve themselvesby giving them a chance. He believed that it was up to each individual to make a differencewith the opportunity offered. This scholarship will help to give many nurses an opportunity to advancetheir careers in the healthcare field, and to make a difference in the quality of healthcare offered to patients.

One recipient will be selected annually using a blind selection process from the eligibility criteria as stated.