Hospital visitors restricted to adults only

Due to continued high incidence of flu illness, including influenza and norovirus in Aitkin County and statewide, Riverwood Healthcare Center has further extended its hospital visitor restrictions to not allow children under 18 to visit its Aitkin campus, effective Jan. 8. Riverwood implemented its hospital visitor restrictions in mid-December and encourages local residents to NOT […]

Wellness: What to Do for Colds & Flu

With increasing incidence of colds and flu, it’s good to know what resources are available to keep you and your family well—and to prevent the spread of flu illness. Even though we’re in the midst of the flu season, it’s not too late to get vaccinated. To schedule a nurse appointment to get a flu […]

Uck! The stomach flu is here!

Aitkin County has had an increase in Norovirus, often dubbed the “stomach flu” during the past few weeks. Students were affected during the holidays. Care centers have recently had widespread outbreaks. Norovirus is actually not a flu or influenza and is not covered by your flu shot. Norovirus is a gastroenteritis illness.  Inflammation of the […]