Riverwood celebrates staff milestone anniversaries

On Nov. 8, Riverwood Healthcare Center honored 52 employees and retirees who have celebrated milestone anniversaries or retirement in the past year at a special dinner at Ruttger’s. Their collective years of service, ranging from 10 to 50, totals 945!

The program focused on celebrating the honored employees individually and included sharing of valued contributions the respective employees have made to Riverwood over the years.

Riverwood CEO Todd Sandberg delivered these remarks as part of the program at Ruttger’s: ”I’m so inspired by each of you and the stories shared here tonight, related to what you have given to Riverwood over the years and the difference you have made.  I’m very grateful to be part of the Riverwood family. Don’t ever forget it takes every team member to make Riverwood successful.  What you do every day makes the difference in the lives of our patients.  Thank you all for your commitment to Riverwood. We are better together!”

Pictured left to right (front row): Julie Giese, Bonnie O’Neil, Connie Gretschmann, Laura Eisenbraun, Lydia Berg, Mary Rea, Otto Harmon; (second row): Mary Livingston, Dorothy Espeseth, Patty Oxborough, Kathy Duclos, Stacie Scrimshaw, Shauna Carlson, Mary Jo Berven, Kristine Layne, Joanna Brenny, Jodi Harwig, Amanda Sample, Janesse McMillen, Rick Boyer, Marie Nelson, Daryl Kallevig, Steve Hammond; (back row): Sara Rian, Diana Rian and Roger Gale.

Those who were unable to attend the celebration included Brenda Burdick, Dr. Joselito Burgos, Deb Brambilla, Kelli Crowther, Michelle Farber, Dawn Foerster, Barb Fredricksen, Dr. Mark Heggem, Linda Hunt, Vicky Jacobson, Kathy Johnson, Amy Kehn, Jenn Klee, Janet Lindgren, Mary Mapes, Amanda Montague, Barb Packer, Jodie Pratt, Jamie Ruud, Anita Sundholm, Char Svoboda, Lisa Thompson, Faye Torgerson, Dr. Janelle Trueblood, Brandon Weimer and Gretchen Wold.