Riverwood celebrates staff milestone anniversaries

On Nov. 9, Riverwood Healthcare Center honored 45 employees and retirees who have celebrated milestone anniversaries or retirement in the past year at a special dinner at Ruttger’s. Their collective years of service, ranging from 4 to 40, totals 776!

The program focused on celebrating the honored employees individually and included sharing of valued contributions the respective employees have made to Riverwood over the years.

Riverwood CEO Chad Cooper noted how fortunate Riverwood is to have an exceptional staff and thanked all those honored for their long-term dedication and outstanding service.

Pictured left to right are (front row) Heidi Price, Katie Nelson, Agnes Weimer, Otto Harmon and Jody Ennis; (back row) Lynn Wenzel, Cindy Jackson, Jeff Ehnstrom, Cheryl Collins-Parris, Jen Ehnstrom, Amber Crowther, Melonie Laine, Andrelis Kowitz, Rae Reinhardt, Angie Kuppich, Kathy Galliger, Don Hughes, Julie Giese, Gloria Christensen, Janet Lindgren and Pam Johnson.

Not pictured: Tim Arnold, Liz Burns, Cally Christenson, Becky Clasen, Gary Erickson, Barbara Frederickson, Jim Harris, Linda Hunt, Tim Komoto, Janet Larson,Tom Lawson, John Mateyka, Marcy Mateyka, Kevin Miller, Becky Monse, Jackie Parry, Pam Pratt, Jeff Rapp, Sharon Reese, Cindy Sherman, Laura Lee Smith, Dorine Bentley-Sorben, Kate Swanson, Kim Waffensmith