Riverwood releases community health needs assessment report

Riverwood Healthcare Center has compiled a new community health needs assessment report on “The Health of Aitkin County” in partnership with other local health and wellness organizations.

The report, available for viewing and downloading at www.riverwoodhealthcare.org/about, outlines community health needs for Aitkin County based on primary and secondary data sources. This report is intended to give Riverwood and the communities it serves information on county health indicators that will serve to guide strategic activities and programs, and chart the course for future community health initiatives.

Improving and sustaining community health is a collaborative effort that integrates many stakeholders including county public health, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and many other public and private entities. This report is the product of an 18-month process that sought community input, medical staff input, involved key representatives such as public health, and selected primary and secondary data sources to identify target areas and implementation plans.

“Health and wellness is an issue of concern for all of us, and we hope that the information in this report stimulates conversation and action among the private and public sector, so that we can all work together to improve the health of our county,” says Chad Cooper, chief executive officer for Riverwood Healthcare Center. “It is Riverwood’s intention to continue to use research and data on a three-year rotating cycle, as this allows time to make some changes, recruit any needed personnel, develop more services, and communicate to the community the services available.”

The community health needs assessment report  fulfills the requirements for community hospitals, as set forth by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to maintain their tax-exempt 501c (3) status.