Riverwood continues COVID-19 vaccine distribution

During the month of February, Riverwood Healthcare Center will continue to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to those most at risk in the 65 and older group with a limited supply of vaccine, which fluctuates from week to week.

To date, Riverwood has administered the first of two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to about 1,000 patients with two vaccine clinics at a local church in Aitkin on Jan. 27 and Feb. 4. Riverwood identified patients at highest risk to be vaccinated within the 65 and older group, starting with oncology patients 65 or older and those 75 or older.

“We are taking a targeted approach to vaccinate those at highest risk of serious Covid illness first,” said Dr. David Taylor, chief medical officer. “In the coming weeks as we move onto the next group, we will be identifying those 65 to 74 with high-risk health conditions and contacting them first to offer the vaccine. We know many are very anxious to get the vaccine, but we urge patience. Rest assured that we will be able to give the vaccine to everyone who wants it in the months ahead.”

As vaccine is ready for distribution locally, Riverwood will communicate to its patients and the public the process for taking appointments.

Riverwood maintains a dedicated COVID-19 web page with a link at the top of its homepage at www.riverwoodhealthcare.org updated with the latest vaccine distribution information.


Schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment online. For scheduling assistance, call (844) 428-1323. For more COVID-19 information, click here.