Patient loves robotics use for his knee surgery

Gary Peters, orthopedics patient with Brian Gehling, Riverwood Healthcare Center Physical Therapist

With a career as a robotics engineer at Ford Motor Company in the automotive industry, Gary Peters was excited to learn that robotics is being used in surgeries at Riverwood Healthcare Center in Aitkin.

“When I consulted with the Riverwood Orthopedic team about a right total knee replacement, I was told they use a robot for this surgery, but not to worry because the surgeon controls the robot.” Peters explains. “I was given the VELYS robot information and advised to go online and view a video to see how it works. It was so cool to learn how the robot recommends the cutting angle for a precise fit for the new knee joint. As a former robotics engineer, I could relate to this.”

In the last few years, I had two other joint replacement surgeries for my left knee and right shoulder when I was working for Ford Motor Company in Kansas City, but they did not use robotics in the big city. I was simply amazed that in my small hometown of Aitkin medical robots are being used. How cool is that!”

Gary’s primary care physician, Dr. Janelle Trueblood, assured Gary that he would be in good hands with Riverwood’s orthopedic team.

“I really feel that the orthopedic team at Riverwood is one of the best around,” Dr. Trueblood said. “We are blessed to have this outstanding care in our community. I trusted them enough to have this orthopedic team perform my mother’s knee replacement. She had many other options living in the Twin Cities metro area, but I strongly felt this was the best place for her treatment. Not only are they technically excellent, but the personal care that we received here is truly special.” Gary agrees with his doctor’s assessment of the orthopaedic team’s care. “The staff was great, all very friendly, made me comfortable and answered all my questions,” he said. “I would recommend orthopaedic care at Riverwood to anyone who is having joint pain issues.”

After a one-day stay in the hospital, Gary returned to his home near Aitkin to start his recovery with therapy – which is going very well. He is looking forward to resuming his active lifestyle in our lakes and woods area.

He adds: “I purposely scheduled my knee surgery for winter so I can be physically active come spring and summer. Given how my recovery is going so far

I’m very confident that I will have no problem resuming all the activities I like to do. I plan to do lots of fishing with my new boat this summer, hunting in the fall, and ice fishing and snowmobiling next winter.

For an orthopaedic appointment, call Riverwood’s specialty clinic at 218-927-5181.