MyChart offers proxy access to help manage healthcare for others

If you manage the care of a child or another adult, access to their medical records can be vital.

The MyChart medical records system used by Riverwood Healthcare Center offers proxy access. This means that patients can authorize another person, typically a family member or legal guardian, to gain access to their medical records.

“One of the things I like most about MyChart is the proxy feature,” said Rob Harmon. “What this does is to allow you to set up someone to view your electronic medical record, including after-visit summaries, scheduling of appointments and to see upcoming visits. For myself and my wife it’s become an invaluable tool to help our elderly parents with their healthcare needs.”

Parents can set up proxy access to a child’s medical record from birth through age 12. To protect the privacy and confidentiality of health information according to state and federal laws, on the child’s 13th birthday, access is limited to scheduling appointments on the child’s behalf, viewing and printing immunization records, and receiving health topic alerts. Once your child turns 18 years old, you can no longer access his or her health information in MyChart.

A simple three-step process can help you set up proxy authorization within your own MyChart account.
1. Go to MESSAGES/Request Family Access.
2. Read and accept proxy access terms and conditions.
3. Submit the “minor” or “adult” proxy request form.

Allow one business day for your request to be completed. Your proxy access to your child’s or other adult’s medical record will appear in “My Family’s Records” when you log in to MyChart.

MyChart proxy forms are available at the check-in desk at Riverwood clinics in Aitkin, Garrison and McGregor. The fax number and mailing address for returning forms is on the proxy form.

Please note that the proxy request form is not available in the mobile app for MyChart; you must use the web browser version.

If you have any questions about the proxy authorization process, call the MyChart help desk at 855-551-6555.