Lifesaving care makes difference for Hill City family

Riley Holm, Hill City Hornets volleyball team

Riley Holm of Hill City and her mother, Laurie, say that early intervention by Riverwood Healthcare Center providers have saved her life multiple times. Diagnosed with biliary atresia as an infant, Riley had a liver transplant at 20 months old with complex healthcare needs over her 18 years of life. Hear from Riley and Laurie on why they trust Riverwood with her medical care absolutely every time.

“We feel that Riverwood doctors have saved Riley’s life multiple times,” says Laurie Holm, mother of Riley. “She was born at Riverwood, and they have cared for her before and after her liver transplant.”

One time when Riley was experiencing extreme pain following a procedure at another facility, her family rushed her to Riverwood’s ER, where she was seen by Dr. Jeff Ehnstrom.

“Dr. Ehnstrom started IV antibiotics immediately,” Laurie explains. “It has been the early intervention by Riverwood doctors that have made a difference for Riley time and again.”

Riley adds: “I trust them with my life every time.”

As a volleyball player for Hill City High School, Riley likes being part of a team. She adds: “For me as a patient, it’s like I’m part of the team at Riverwood Healthcare Center.”

Laurie says: “We live 35 miles from Riverwood in Aitkin and about 14 miles from another health facility. But there’s never been a question of where we will go absolutely every time. We go to Riverwood because we feel safe there. The care Riley has gotten for 18 years is beyond anything we could expect from a rural hospital.

Riley adds: “It’s not just one primary care doctor at Riverwood. It’s the entire staff. They all care. They all take care of you.”