Brianna Brophy – Obstetric Care

“I wanted to deliver our baby at Riverwood because I work here as a registered nurse in Orthopaedics, and it was an opportunity to support our facility and care team. We were so happy with our OB care team, and the entire delivery process from start to finish!

Dr. Christina Kramer, OB/GYN specialist, was incredible!  She was extremely thorough with every part of our pregnancy.  She was always available to me if I had concerns to talk through. Given my history of miscarriages, she kept our anxiety level low by monitoring the pregnancy with labs every other day and ultrasounds weekly until we were in the clear.

I love that Riverwood is designated as a Baby Friendly Hospital! I think that breastfeeding has been declining recently, and the benefits it has for both the mother and baby are so much better than formula.  As someone who has struggled with breastfeeding in the past, the nurses and providers here were great resources for one-to-one training!  Riverwood encourages rooming-in with the new baby, which helps promote bonding and breastfeeding.

The labor and delivery at Riverwood was very laid back and calm, which was relaxing for my husband and me. The care team was great about letting me labor down until I was ready to start pushing.  Nothing felt rushed.

All of my postpartum care was wonderful. After returning home, I received calls from the nursing staff to check and see how Kenna and I were doing and to answer questions.  Both our OB and primary care providers were so compassionate and resourceful when it came to breastfeeding tips and things to expect in the coming weeks and months.”



Photos by Sarah Larson Photography

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