WANTED: Donated bicycles

Fit City Aitkin is teaming up with Warren Fossum to start a Bike Share Program in and around the City of Aitkin.  The program is asking for any abandoned or unwanted bicycles. All bikes will be fixed up, painted, and placed around town for people to use. Bike sharing allows individuals to check out bicycles for short trips around town. The goal is to have 30 donated bikes located at three different locations.

–          10 at the City Hall

–          10 at Paulbeck’s County Market

–          10 at Riverwood Healthcare Center

Pick up a bike at a designated location and return it to either that designated location or another in town. If you have a bicycle you would like to donate, please drop it off at City Hall.  This program is planned to launch on July 15 – 16, 2013 during the Habitat 500 ride stop in Aitkin.

Check out this short video for more information on the program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an8SnTTXtUw