Breast cancer patient urges women to get screened

While breast cancer most often occurs in women 50 and older, some women face this diagnosis at a younger age. A mother of three young children, Mary Voss was 44 […]

3D mammography goes live in McGregor

In mid-December, Riverwood Healthcare Center began providing 3D mammography exams at its McGregor clinic. “We are thrilled to provide 3D mammography to our community,” said Dr. Aaron Jordan, family physician […]

Riverwood now offers 3D mammography in Aitkin

The five-year survival rate is close to 100 percent when breast cancer is caught early. Riverwood recently began providing 3D mammographyTM exams at its Aitkin hospital, which supports early breast […]

Breast cancer screenings plus pampering

WE HAVE FILLED ALL APPOINTMENTS but the Sage program is available year-round to help pay for breast and cervical cancer screenings for women 40 to 64 without health insurance or high deductible […]

WELLNESS: Early detection is the best protection

Have you had your annual breast cancer screening?  Beginning at age 20, all women should begin monthly breast self-exams and should have a clinical breast exam every three years and […]

Accreditation for digital mammography

Several months ago, digital mammography became available at Riverwood Healthcare Center’s hospital in Aitkin and clinics in Garrison and McGregor. This fall, the American College of Radiology (ACR) gave its […]