Wound & Ostomy Care

Nurses certified in wound and ostomy care at Riverwood Healthcare Center provide comprehensive care for non-healing wounds and for those with new or existing ostomies. They are available to care for patients Monday through Friday.

Nurses assess needs, create an individualized treatment plan, monitor progress toward healing and implement strategies to prevent wound recurrence. They work closely with the Surgery department for care of non-healing or difficult-to-heal wounds.  They can also coordinate referrals to additional specialists when necessary.

Wound care nurses assess, treat, and create treatment plans for patients with complex wounds and ostomies (surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of body wastes).  With a high level of knowledge and expertise in the field, they often act as educators and consultants to staff nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Wounds often need continual care to properly heal. These nurses teach patients and caregivers how to clean and dress wounds and what to look for to prevent any complications such as infection.

Wound & Ostomy Care Team

Jeana Asmus, RN, WOC
Molly Larson, RN, WCC, OMS
Rayette Olson, LPN

Wound care nurses:

  • Work with multiple specialties and disciplines, as well as patient’s own care team to promote patient-centered care
  • Provide diabetic and dystrophic nail care
  • Use negative pressure wound therapy to promote optimal wound healing
  • Offer non-invasive debridement (cleaning of wound) using low-frequency ultrasound (Ultra Mist) which increases profusion of oxygen and nutrients to tissue in wounds
  • Use evidence-based care to promote healing
  • Consult with surgeons for chronic non-healing wounds, working closely with Dr. Tim LeMieur and Physician Assistant TJ Hirsch in wound clinic setting
  • Review the best products for care with vendor representatives

Patients seeking services should contact their primary care provider for a referral.