Physical Therapy

At Riverwood Healthcare, we offer a wide range of physical therapy to improve mobility and strength. We help patients get back to the activities of life they enjoy after injury or illness.

We work with patients of all ages, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, to treat conditions ranging from acute illnesses to sports and work-related injuries. Our physical therapists can help you with reducing pain, increasing strength, balance and walking, and transfers as well as learning to use mobility equipment such as crutches, canes or walkers.

In addition, our physical therapists offer specialized physical therapy services such as recovery from a hip or knee replacement, pelvic floor disorders, lymphedema, or neurological conditions like stroke or a brain injury.

Physical therapy services are available in Aitkin, Garrison and McGregor. For an appointment, call Riverwood’s Therapy Services department at 218-927-5580.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects as many as 1 million Americans. Riverwood offers specialized physical, occupational and speech therapy for Parkinson’s disease patients. To learn more about Parkinson’s disease Click Here. The PowerPoint presentation will download; click to open it. To view with audio from our team of therapists click on slide show/from beginning.


Your provider may recommend rehabilitation to help you heal after a sports injury or joint replacement of a hip or knee, or shoulder surgery. Our experienced physical therapists, many of whom have extensive education and training in therapy for orthopaedic conditions and injuries, will guide you through exercises designed to decrease pain and increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Learn more about orthopaedic care at Riverwood.

Pediatric care

We can evaluate and treat children who have health-related conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

We work with children to evaluate motor (movement) skills, the body’s core strength and control, and concerns related to weakness, balance or pain. We can help support normal movement patterns, address needs following injuries or surgery and improve overall conditioning for easier participation with family or peer activities.

Our Physical Therapy Team

Marc Carley, DPT, ATC
Monica Bostrom, MPT, CLT
Brian Gehling, DPT, CMT, TPS
Jessica Johnson, MPT
Jenn Klee, MPT
Jonas Kyllonen, DPT, OSC
Heather Molenda, Physical Therapist
Allie Sibbert, DPT