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From prenatal care through birthing and postpartum care at Riverwood Healthcare Center, you will be cared for by physicians and nurses who are highly experienced specialists. They will provide you and your family with support, compassion, privacy and the comfort and care you deserve. We want your baby’s birth to be the experience you desire with individualized services and comfortable surroundings.

We adhere to the highest standards of breastfeeding promotion and mother/baby bonding. Many of our OB nurses are certified, lactation consultants. Our birthing suites are designed to offer parents the comforts of home combined with pampering, including a sofa sleeper, wireless internet and a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and shower. For your peace of mind, the birthing center features excellent privacy and security with double-locked doors and a hugs system.

Our Trusted Leaders in Obstetrics

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Tim Arnold, MD
Tony Blankers, MD
Erik Bostrom, MD
Melissa Herbranson, MD
Donald Hughes, MD
Aaron Jordan, MD
Michael Cady, MD
Rachel Cady, MD
Jennifer Tessmer-Tuck, MD
Megan Workman, DNP, CNM

Frequently Asked Questions

You may seek medical care at any time you think you are pregnant. We can do a nurse visit with a confirmation pregnancy test and help get your first provider appointment.

Riverwood offers a 5-week class for a pregnant woman and her labor coach in the last trimester of pregnancy. This is a series of 2-hour sessions where expectant parents will learn about breathing and relaxation techniques to use during labor and delivery. The class meets five times per year on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Riverwood Healthcare Center in Aitkin. To get more information or to register, call 218-927-5552.

Babyscripts is a mobile education platform offered by Riverwood to help educate, prepare, and empower you throughout each week of your pregnancy through the first 6 weeks of postpartum care. After your first prenatal care appointment with Riverwood, you will be able to download the app on your smartphone. Inside the app, you’ll find weekly tips and tasks, customized educational content, provider-approved resources, a weight tracking feature and our care team contact information. This app is a convenient tool that will complement the education provided by our healthcare team to help prepare you for this exciting time.

Here at Riverwood, we like to have an ultrasound done at week 20 to measure your baby.

Epidurals are the most common type of pain relief used during labor and delivery in the United States. Numbing medication is given through a tube placed into the mid-back. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is another pain management option for laboring mothers. Women who use nitrous oxide during labor may still have an awareness of pain. However, many women find it helps them relax and decreases their perception of labor pain. Because it is self-administered, not only can a woman decide how much to use, but she can also decide if she wants to stop using it and try another method of pain relief. Nitrous oxide does not affect breastfeeding. Talk to your provider if you are interested in medication for pain relief during labor and delivery and include it in your birth plan.

Breastfeeding supports bonding between mother and baby. Riverwood has obstetric nurses who are certified lactation consultants. They instruct new moms on how to breastfeed, ensuring skin-to-skin contact, within the first hour after birth. They are available for phone and in-person instruction after hospital discharge too. As a Baby Friendly hospital, Riverwood follows the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. We give no artificial teats or pacifiers to breastfeeding infants.

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