Experience a comprehensive range of audiology services at Riverwood Healthcare, led by Dr. Sarah Nelson, a certified audiologist dedicated to optimizing your hearing health. Our services encompass diagnostic evaluations of hearing and expert dispensing of hearing aids, tailored to meet your unique hearing needs. Testing is conveniently conducted at the specialty clinic in Aitkin.

Audiologists, with their in-depth understanding of human hearing and balance, stand out as experts in their field. Their knowledge extends to the intricate designs and workings of the entire human ear, as well as the physics of sound and hearing. While they don’t perform ear surgery or prescribe treatments for ear diseases, their expertise ensures you receive accurate assessments and customized solutions for your hearing concerns.

For those requiring advanced treatment for ear conditions, Dr. Sarah Nelson collaborates seamlessly with Dr. Ethan Kraft and Dr. Kurtis Waters, Ear, Nose & Throat specialists and surgeons. Available at our specialty clinic, they ensure patients receive the specialized care they need, including surgery when necessary.

Meet Our Audiologist

Sarah Nelson, AuD