Tricia Martin – Family Medicine

I feel personally confident with my healthcare at Riverwood. I’ve worked with Dan Schletty, the wellness coach. Thanks to him, my blood pressure and cholesterol and all my numbers are down! I try to stay well by being active. I especially enjoy riding my bike and am known in our neighborhood as the “lady with the pink bike.”

In 2011, my husband, Tom, had a high-risk heart attack that they call the “widow-maker.” The doctors at the Riverwood were great! They stabilized him for an airlift to St. Cloud. In just over 100 minutes from the second he arrived in Aitkin, he was in St. Cloud with his stent procedure complete. After he came home, he was able to do his cardiac rehab right at Riverwood.

We are a small rural community, yet it’s like we’ve blown the top off and have all of these resources at our local health system. We have access to incredible specialty care. The people of our community can be served right here at home. Having specialists come to Riverwood is like a modern day house call.

We raised our boys and nieces here in Aitkin. We chose to live here because of work, school, health care and church—the foundations of a strong community.



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