Stan Weimer – Weight Loss

Stan Weimer, a longtime teacher and resident of Aitkin, recently participated in the Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) weight loss program for Medicare at Riverwood Healthcare Center.. After suffering from a stroke nearly 10 years ago and gaining weight during his recovery, Stan decided to improve his health by losing weight to lower his blood pressure. Through the IBT weight loss program, Stan was able to lose 30 pounds!

 “I took interest in the Intensive Behavioral Program because I heard that Dietitian Megan Perpich was great at her job, and because I had a friend who went there who had great results. My primary care provider, Dr. Lawson, suggested that losing some weight would be beneficial for my health. Once I learned that Medicare could help pay for it, I decided that the time was now.”

Throughout recovery from his stroke, Stan gained about 50 pounds and developed high blood pressure. He was concerned with developing other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

As I got more overweight, it made it harder to work and do the hobbies I love, and I could feel the negative effects of weight gain.”

Stan enjoyed working with Megan, and her encouragement and positive attitude played a big role in his ability to lose weight.

“Megan had good tips on what was practical and realistic throughout my weight-loss journey. She told me what was good to eat and what to avoid, and not to overeat. She encouraged me to walk often, helping me use an app on my phone that tracks my steps. She talked to me about food groups and showed me plate measurement pictures, which helped me have balance in my diet.”

The main motivation to lose weight for Stan was his grandchildren.  “I really enjoy my six grandchildren. They were part of my motivation to improve and maintain my health.”

Stan said that the program and having Megan as a mentor was important for accountability. The program stresses that accountability is important to see success.  “Megan held me accountable because she wanted me to succeed. If I wasn’t doing well, she would remind me what to do and remained positive in order for me to see the results I needed.”

“The care at Riverwood is #1! It’s the best I could ever get. Everybody who worked there was just great. I was lucky to be in Aitkin and at home when I was having health complications.”

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