Sharon Bruggman – Eye Surgery

Sharon Bruggman had an amazing improvement in her vision after cataract surgery, which she delayed having until she had a vision crisis.

“I was going for annual checkups at the Eyecare Center in McGregor and learned that I had cataracts on both eyes,” Sharon explained. “Dr. Kinzer advised me that the decision on when I was ready to have surgery was up to me. However, he started urging me to go ahead with surgery, which I resisted because I was scared of the unknown.”

Sharon began having some serious vision issues that prompted her to move ahead with eye surgery.

“I started seeing everything distorted and it got to the point where I felt that I was going blind,” Sharon said. “I prayed that my vision problems were due to the cataracts and not something more serious. I decided that if cataract surgery could fix my vision, it was time to get it done.”

Dr. Joseph Merck, ophthalmologist with Great River Eye Clinic, performed cataract surgery on both Sharon’s eyes just two weeks apart at Riverwood Healthcare Center in Aitkin.

“Given I have fibromyalgia and am allergic to a lot of medications, I had some concerns about the anesthesia during surgery,” Sharon added. “But the nurse anesthetist reassured me and kept me so relaxed and at ease. All the Riverwood staff members on my surgery team were so kind and helpful, just like family.

“I had such a good patient experience with my first cataract surgery that I was actually excited to have the second eye done. My cataract surgery was the best patient experience ever!”

As soon as Sharon took the eye patch off the day after her surgery, she noticed an incredible improvement in her vision clarity.

“I couldn’t believe how bright the sun was shining and how good I was seeing! It was such a mood brightener to see everything like new again! I have a new appreciation for walking in nature. I can see better to drive at night.”

Sharon’s advice to those in need of cataract surgery: “When the doctor tells you you’re ready for cataract surgery, don’t delay. Get it done. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

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