Romaine Bonneville – Orthopaedic Care

Romaine Bonneville, age 85, was living with a tremendous amount of shoulder pain.

“Arthritis wore out my right shoulder,” Romaine said. “I took cortisone shots for many years before I had surgery.”

In June 2017, Romaine had a reverse shoulder replacement for her right arm at Riverwood Healthcare Center with Dr. Jon Herseth, orthopaedic surgeon with Minnesota Center for Orthopaedics who specializes in shoulder surgery.

“Before I had my shoulder surgery shaking a sheet out when making a bed would take my breath away because the pain was so bad,” Romaine explains. “After surgery, I can make beds again with ease.  A few months later, I have much better use of my arms.”

Romaine appreciated how thorough Dr. Herseth was in determining when she was ready to have surgery. When INR test results showed that her blood was too thin, he postponed her scheduled surgery for a week until her blood was at the recommended level.

“I think Dr. Herseth is pretty special,” Romaine added. “He performed a complex, four-hour surgery that has greatly improved my quality of life. I recommend him any time to other patients.”

Romaine has been a Riverwood patient since she was a young woman and delivered all four of her daughters in Aitkin. She credits a Riverwood family physician with saving her life when she was hospitalized with an advanced pancreatitis attack 30 years ago.

During her recent hospitalization at Riverwood for shoulder surgery, Romaine enjoyed having a private room and being able to order the food she wanted.

For an orthopaedics appointment at Riverwood, call (218) 927-5566.

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