Robyn Frost – OB Care

Robyn Frost from Cuyuna had a fantastic prenatal care and birth experience at Riverwood Healthcare Center with the birth of her second son, Cole.

 “The care you receive at Riverwood is phenomenal, from every aspect! The doctors, the nurses, the nurse anesthetist, the ladies who brought food from the cafeteria, everyone is great and they all make you feel comfortable,” says Robyn.

 “My OBGYN doctor was very knowledgeable and confident, which was very reassuring to me. Given I had a high-risk pregnancy, she was very good at keeping me calm and comfortable the entire time. She made sure I knew that I could contact her at any time with questions. She is very friendly and personable and when I had appointments, I felt like I was going to see my friend as well as my OB doctor.”

Robyn appreciated the OB nurses’ helpful support during labor and delivery, too.

 “Every single nurse that helped me was phenomenal. They made me feel comfortable at all times and they were all so friendly. I loved talking to them and getting to know them, I can’t thank them enough for their help and support during all of the time I spent here.”

 Robyn also noted that the addition of an OB nurse coordinator position at Riverwood helped ease her pregnancy care as well. Brooke Mickelson, RN, assists OB patients by staying in close contact with them and answers questions about prenatal care and concerns.

 What also impressed Robyn were the spacious birthing suite room, which was quiet and comfortable with a large bathroom and a sofa sleeper for her husband, Derek.




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