Norah – Family Medicine

I’m five years old. I have had the same Riverwood doctor for my whole life. He delivered me when I was born, and my baby brother, Enzo, too. He is our friend. I have also been seen my friend Ella’s dad, Dr. Krohn, and he is super nice too.

I usually have to go to the clinic for shots to keep me healthy, and to clean the wax out of my ears with an elephant ear wash. I would tell other kids that shots, even the ones you need before kindergarten, are not scary at all.

The best part about going to the doctor is the stickers the nurse gives you when you leave. I always stick them to my special wagon when I get home. The doctors and nurses want to help you be healthy or help you when you are sick. I love it when they show me how to use the tools for checking your heart and blood pressure. 

When I grow up I might be a surgery worker at Riverwood, but I also really love to take care of animals.  


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