Noah – Pediatric Care

Noah, age 7, loves the kid-friendly care at Riverwood, according to his mom, Megan.

“Noah was having some learning and attention issues in school and an individual education program evaluation uncovered that he was having difficulty processing information,” Megan explained. “Therapy was recommended to help him with these developmental delays.”

Noah began weekly occupational therapy sessions at Riverwood in early June 2018. Amanda Genz, an occupational therapist who specializes in pediatric care, helped him with strengthening his core muscles and working on auditory and visual processing skills to help him succeed in school in the fall.

“Noah worked hard in therapy to incorporate working the body and the brain at the same time in order to see increased body control and processing skills necessary for daily activities, especially school,” Amanda said. “When kids have control of their own bodies, they have an easier time taking in the necessary information from their environment and processing it for use throughout their day. By the end of his weekly sessions, Noah was able to perform the physical task while expanding the amount of information processed at the same time.”

Megan said Noah loved the play-based therapy and looked forward to his “Amanda” days.

“By the end of the summer, Noah’s memory was better and he was quicker with his responses,” Megan said. “I’m excited to see how he will do with his school work now.”

Megan also praises the wonderful care from Noah’s primary care provider at Riverwood.

“Nurse Practitioner Lisa Gerhart is wonderful. She’s very patient with Noah and helps him laugh and feel very comfortable during clinic exams. If I have a question or concern, Lisa always responds quickly and fits us in for appointments on short notice.”

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