Molly Johnson – Reflux Care

Molly Johnson developed GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) when she was in high school. A chronic cough, constantly clearing her throat and heartburn were all symptoms that affected her day-to-day life. Doctors assured Molly, a varsity athlete at the time, that her symptoms were just asthma and allergies.

Molly, a resident of Deer River, Minnesota, had been suffering the symptoms of GERD since 2008, though she didn’t know it. After several misdiagnoses and no progress, she was referred to the Minnesota Reflux & Heartburn Center at Riverwood Healthcare Center by a friend. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with GERD and introduced to LINX, a laparoscopic procedure used to treat GERD.

“My reflux specialist did a good job discussing all the different options used to treat my disease. He made sure to give me all of the options and to not pressure me into a certain one,” Molly said.

When asked why Molly pursued the LINX procedure, she explained that after all the testing had been completed, the doctor said that she would be a good candidate and assured her that she wouldn’t face any major side effects post-surgery.

Molly added: “My nurse coordinator, Dawn Harcey, exceeded my expectations by emailing me often and answering any questions I had. She also talked to me about my insurance and how it would help cover my surgery.”

Molly explained that just weeks after her procedure, she no longer had to take various medications to help with her symptoms. She also said that she could eat whatever food she wanted and not suffer painful symptoms.

“I wish more people knew about this procedure. It was quick and painless and I no longer suffer from symptoms I’ve had since I was a teenager,” Molly said. “My dental hygienist raved about how good my gums looked after my procedure because I no longer have excess acid.”

Molly stated that overall she had a great experience at Riverwood and always felt comfortable. She explained that the staff was so nice and that they frequently checked in with her throughout her recovery.

Molly is now able to do what she loves— hunting, fishing, and spending time with her dogs—without suffering from GERD symptoms.


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