Melissa Herbranson – Obstetric Care

Dr. Melissa Herbranson, Riverwood family physician who offers obstetric care and delivery, shares her birth experience for son Hunter, born October 6, 2017 at Riverwood Healthcare Center.

“My birthing experience for the delivery of my second child at Riverwood exceeded my expectations in many ways.

The nursing staff genuinely cared for me as a new mother and did whatever it took to help our family transition through labor to caring for our new baby son, Hunter. Everyone we came into contact with, including the food service aides, was caring and happy to help us at any hour day or night.

The birthing suite was very relaxing and inviting. I especially appreciated the large jacuzzi tub for postpartum recovery. Riverwood has the most up-to-date training and equipment to manage any labor and delivery situation, which made me feel secure delivering in a rural setting.

Overall, the personalized care from the nurses and my provider, Nurse Midwife Megan Workman, made us feel genuinely supported during this special time for our family. With a depth of experience in women’s health and labor and delivery, Megan manages pregnancy and motherhood with personal experience as well as medical expertise and always considers mother and baby in all of her advice and care decisions.

Maternity care at Riverwood is a smooth and nurturing process for mother and baby. I felt that each of our needs was met and anticipated without delay or judgment. We were never separated or disturbed for any unnecessary reasons.

Riverwood offers a truly baby friendly, mother friendly and family friendly environment for young families in our community.”



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