Judie Jones – Internal Medicine

“Dr. Sweety Prethish has been my primary care doctor for the past few years. As an internist, she is understanding and a good listener. Her friendly, compassionate care is a bonus along with her knowledgeable expertise.

Over the past few years, I’ve had several cardiac issues for which I’ve received care at Riverwood. More recently, I experienced symptoms of a racing, pounding and irregular heartbeat. Without hesitation, Dr. Prethish scheduled a stress echocardiogram. After consulting with the radiologist who read the test results, Dr. Prethish determined I should have a CT scan of my heart at the Minneapolis Heart Institute clinic in Baxter to check for coronary artery disease. This test evaluates if there is narrowing or a blockage in the arteries.

I believe I have had Paroxysmal SVTs (Supraventricular Tachycardia) for awhile. These rapid heartbeats are quite disturbing as they create a pounding and irregular feeling in my chest.

After a review of all my tests, I met with Dr. Peter Stokman, Minneapolis Heart Institute cardiologist, at Riverwood’s specialty clinic in Aitkin. He assured me my heartbeat irregularities were not critical or life-threatening and to continue on my medications as prescribed. His evaluation gave me peace of mind and the confidence to travel out of town on a planned trip.

I appreciate the compassionate, comprehensive and professional providers here at Riverwood Healthcare Center—ranked among the top 20 Critical Access Hospitals nationally! Why would I go anywhere else.”



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