Jon Padgett – Hip Replacement

By the time Jon Padgett, current snowmobile racer, came to Riverwood Healthcare Center to get his right hip replaced 10 years ago, walking had become a difficult task that he faced every day. In the mid-1980’s, Jon was in a motorcycle accident that caused his hip to give him pain and mobility difficulties. As time went on, he decided it was time to seek a medical solution.

Jon, who resides in Brainerd, sought the best care in Minnesota, which led him to Dr. Erik Severson, orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements who practices with the Minnesota Center for Orthopaedics at Riverwood. Not only did he look for medical experience and skill, but for personality and character, too.

“I had seen five doctors prior to Dr. Severson, but I didn’t want to do my hip replacement with any of them,” Jon explained. “The surgery had to be done regardless, so I thought that I might as well go to the doctor with the best reputation and personality.”

“Dr. Severson advised me that he had done hundreds of surgeries in that year alone. He was very easy to talk to and was personable and honest about my procedure.”

Jon added that Dr. Severson did a great job explaining what needed to be done before and after surgery, which included a variety of different workouts and stretches. Because Jon had a strong recovery, he was able to pick up a new hobby, all thanks to his new hip.

“My post-surgery care and recovery was great,” Jon said. “Soon after, I picked up snowmobile racing at 55 years old. I have now traveled around the Midwest and raced my snowmobile for eight years, and I’ve won some championships.”

Jon is now able to not only walk with no discomfort and race snowmobiles but enjoys time hiking and camping with his wife, Laurie. He plans to get his other hip replaced in the near future at Riverwood Healthcare Center.



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