Jerry & Marilyn Ubel – Orthopaedic Care

Between them both, Jerry and Marilyn Ubel have had seven joints replaced through the Minnesota Center for Orthopaedics.

Jerry, 73, had his first left hip replacement in 2011 at Riverwood Healthcare Center after developing severe osteoarthritis pain from bone rubbing against bone. Over the next few years, Dr. Erik Severson, fellowship trained in hip and knee reconstruction and joint replacement at the Mayo Clinic, has since replaced Jerry’s right hip and both knees.

Marilyn, 65, most recently had her left hip replaced by Dr. Severson, and a few years earlier had her right hip and right knee replaced.

“Six weeks after my hip surgery, I’m going for 1-2 mile walks and don’t need any assistive device.” Marilyn explains. “Dr. Severson told me most hip replacement patients my age would still be using a walker. My knee replacement recovery was very fast too; I can bend my knee further than 90 degrees and have no problems kneeling. You have to follow your therapist’s instructions, putting in the exercise time to regain your mobility.”

Jerry adds: “We like Dr. Severson so much because he’s just like family. He’s so friendly and outgoing. I like that he and his fantastic team cover a wide range of orthopaedic issues.”

Marilyn incurred a rotator cuff injury to her shoulder while cleaning up tree debris after a tornado tore through the Hill City area in 2016. She then had shoulder surgery with another MCO surgeon, Dr. Jon Herseth. Again, her recovery was very quick with her shoulder out of sling in three weeks, and regaining full use of her arm in six weeks.

“I like that the caregivers at Riverwood are friendly and local,” Jerry says. “For all my surgeries, the hospital care was great. The Rapid Recovery program is truly miraculous!”

Jerry and Marilyn tell anyone considering a joint replacement to not delay surgery.

“Hip replacements are so easy, and artificial knees feel a little different, as expected, but you get your mobility back and it sure beats living in constant pain.”

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