Janie Martz – Gastroparesis care

Janie Martz, who is diabetic, developed severe gastrointestinal symptoms from a common condition called gastroparesis.

“I was feeling full all the time and had a bloated stomach with no appetite. I suffered from chronic diarrhea with a stomach-ache every day,” Janie said. “I was pretty miserable and lost 30 pounds over several months.”

Janie was taking a medication to help manage her diabetes, and that may have been aggravating her stomach symptoms. “Because I developed worsening gastro-intestinal symptoms, my doctor referred me to the Minnesota Reflux and Heartburn Center for specialist evaluation. I had no idea that I had a diagnosis of gastroparesis until I saw Dr. Paul Severson for evaluation of my severe stomach and digestive symptoms.”

Dr. Severson, a reflux specialist with the Minnesota Reflux and Heartburn Center, performed an endoscopic procedure called G-POEM (gastric peroral endoscopy myotomy) that successfully treated Janie’s gastroparesis.

A month after her procedure at Riverwood Healthcare Center, Janie reports that she had no pain whatsoever with the procedure and she went home the same day.

Janie added: “As soon as my stomach was able to empty completely again, it was like night and day. I feel so much better, and I can eat what I want now. The best part of my treatment is that there was no need for surgery with incisions, and I never even had to leave my hometown to receive such amazing care.”

Dr. Severson said: “Now that we can so readily help patients with gastroparesis, we hope that patients, and their healthcare providers, will become more aware of this condition and come to the Minnesota Reflux and Heartburn Center for diagnosis and treatment.”

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