Jana Stensland – Joint Replacement

In her early 50’s, Jana Stensland could barely walk with crutches for several months before her first hip replacement. A congenital condition, a labral tear in her hip joints, went undiagnosed for several years while her pain worsened and limited her physical activities. After three joint replacements in 11 months at Riverwood Healthcare Center, Jana got her life back on track.

“I could barely sit or stand because the pain was so bad. I was desperate for help and not getting answers from the doctors I was seeing. Then a friend suggested I see Dr. Erik Severson, orthopaedic surgeon, at Riverwood in Aitkin.

The first thing he did was take an MRI of my right hip and six weeks later I had my right hip replacement at Riverwood. Then five months later I had my left hip replaced.

After my second hip replacement surgery, I was able to go back to work running the beverage cart on the golf course in just two weeks. I also worked a job bartending and serving.

After my hip surgeries, I then had issues with my right knee to contend with, including wearing a brace for support. Dr. Severson advised me not to have the knee replaced yet because of my relatively young age, but I was determined to walk normally again. I had my knee replaced and surprised him with how quickly I returned to an active lifestyle.

My life is so good now. I can garden again. Three months after my knee replacement I was dancing to fast 50’s music in my poodle skirt and line dancing, then biking 10 miles again after just four months post-op.

Riverwood was amazing and became like family to me. From the shuttle driver in the parking lot to the clinic greeter and food service workers, everyone was so friendly and caring. Thanks to the hospital nursing staff and my physical therapist, Marc Carley, for all they did to support my care and recovery.

I think the world of Riverwood’s orthopaedics team! Dr. Severson was my lifesaver. He gave me my life back!”

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