Gigi Dahl – Mental Health

Gigi Dahl has a whole new outlook on life after receiving comprehensive care for serious mental and physical health challenges.

“Several years ago I was a mess. I was very sick physically and emotionally. I had lost my two big toenails and couldn’t wear anything but open-toed slippers. My arthritis was flaring up and I had bronchitis.
I had lost my job and car in St. Paul and had nowhere to live. My son helped me find temporary lodging in the Aitkin area.

When I was having an episode of difficulty breathing, my son brought me to the Riverwood emergency room. After that visit, I got referred to various services that put me on the road to recovery.

I started building a care team, including a primary care provider, therapist, a GYN doctor and podiatrist. I was referred to Janet Larson, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I felt like she really listened to me. I like it that she looked me in the eye and never rushed me at all during our appointments. She started me on medication to aid my recovery, and her nurse was fabulous.

I also started seeing a counselor at Northland Counseling for therapy sessions to help me regain my independence and enjoyment of life. They hooked me up with a group support program through the Kiesler Wellness Center that has taught me to find out who I am and how to make my life better.

It’s a really big thing for me to feel safe again. I’m proud of myself. I’m a success thanks to a whole team of people who believed in me.

My advice to others is to be really honest when you ask for help and follow the directions from those on your care team. Know that there are resources available to help you.”

Gigi is now living on her own again in an apartment. She is participating in a job training program and looks forward to regaining employment skills that will further support her independence.

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