Gary Herbranson – Emergency Care

Gary Herbranson, who retired with wife Kathy to the McGregor area from the Twin Cities six years ago, credits outstanding emergency care at Riverwood Healthcare Center for saving his life—TWICE!

The first time Gary had recently had part of his thyroid removed at the Mayo Clinic, and he started having pain and swelling in his neck after returning home that evening.

“I felt like I had gotten hit in the throat with a bat,” Gary explains. “At 3 AM, my wife and I headed to the emergency department at Riverwood where the doctor discovered abnormal swelling the size of a golf ball. By the time I got airlifted to the Mayo Clinic it had grown to the size of a softball. The Mayo doctors said that the excellent emergency care I got to stabilize my condition at Riverwood saved my life.”

The second incident occurred when Gary was rushed to the Riverwood ER and diagnosed with sepsis. His primary care physician, Dr. Tim Arnold, came to help provide care during the middle of the night when Gary’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. He was airlifted to Abbott Northwestern Hospital, where once again he was told that the emergency care he received at Riverwood was life-saving.

“I personally believe we have a diamond in Riverwood serving our small rural communities,” Gary says. “We are so fortunate to have access to the excellent medical staff and quality of care they deliver here. If not for small hospitals like Riverwood providing outstanding trauma care, a lot of people wouldn’t make it.”

Truly caring about patient outcomes and putting the patient first is what sets Riverwood apart, according to Gary.

“I’ve stayed in a lot of hospitals and the quality of care at Riverwood—from medical services and nursing through therapy and food service—is second to none. There’s a real commitment on the part of all the staff to making your patient experience the best it can be.”

“A lot of medical care in larger facilities is all about getting patients in and out quickly. At Riverwood, the doctors and nurse practitioners take time to listen to and learn about their patients. They go above and beyond to make sure that the quality of care for each patient is excellent!”

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