Frank Fee – Surgery Safety

Frank Fee comments on his upper GI procedure at Riverwood Healthcare Center during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Three years ago, I came to Riverwood to get a second opinion on treatment for my acid reflux disease and was very pleased with the surgeon’s care. In June 2020, I came back for a 3-year evaluation and upper GI procedure for this condition with the same surgeon, who communicates in a manner that is easy to understand and inspires confidence.

Riverwood was very accommodating with a designated nurse to schedule multiple appointments for me. I came to Aitkin for my COVID-19 test a few days before my procedure and then had to quarantine a few days at home.

From the time I entered the facility until I left, I felt the whole process of getting my surgical procedure done during the pandemic went very smoothly. Seeing all the protective gear that the nurses wore, it was reassuring to know they spend a lot of time and effort in keeping everyone safe.

I live in Crookston, so it’s a 3 ½ hour drive to Aitkin, but well worth it for the high-quality care I’ve received.”

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