Corrine Nelson – OB Care

Selecting Riverwood as the place to deliver our first baby was easy. As a Riverwood employee, I felt 100% confident that I was choosing a facility that would take the best care of me and our son, Walter.  I know firsthand how wonderful and competent the OB staff is and that they could be trusted to do whatever was necessary to keep my baby and me safe and healthy.

Nurse Midwife Megan Workman was so supportive through the entire prenatal care and birth process. She talked me through each step and why it was necessary.  She was so supportive and encouraging during the delivery process. My labor progressed very quickly and smoothly.  The OB nurses were so wonderful too.  I felt like I had my own cheerleading squad. They were the best!

Between the nurses and OB providers, there was constant support to breastfeed while I was hospitalized. Following discharge, Dr. Melissa Herbranson saw my new son, Walter, for feeding issues, and I had a lactation consultation with an OB nurse who is certified in lactation counseling. Breastfeeding is very challenging for a new mom and not once did I feel discouraged because of the wonderful support I had.

Dr. Erik Bostrom was also involved with my postpartum care and newborn care during our hospital stay and did a very good job as well.

I love that the birthing suite accommodated my husband as well as me. It was great that he could stay in the room with access to a sofa sleeper and shower.  The special steak dinner for parents of newborns from the food service staff was delicious and such a nice touch.

I would definitely recommend attending the prenatal classes at Riverwood. They helped my husband and I better prepare. Sue Landsverk, the OB nurse instructor, does a wonderful job teaching the five classes and can help answer questions. I think it was especially helpful for my husband to be educated on the process so he felt involved and could better support me.

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