Claudine Nordean – Volunteer

With more than 20 years of volunteer experience with Riverwood’s Auxiliary, Claudine Nordean shares why she enjoys giving back to the local health system where she gets her healthcare.

“The hospital gift shop is my area. I help buy gift items and work there at least one day a week, sometimes more.

More than 25 years ago, I was a cancer patient at Riverwood. People said I should go to Minneapolis for my care, but I said ‘No, I don’t want to leave Aitkin. This is where my friends and family are. My church is here, and I know the doctors here.’ I didn’t want to be just a number, and the nurses were so kind to me during my treatment.

I choose to give my time to Riverwood because I like seeing the people. I like being involved in something current, what’s going on now! We sell clothing, jewelry, and other merchandise. It’s fun keeping up with the trends.

As a member of the Auxiliary, I’m proud that we recently paid off our second $100,000 pledge to Riverwood Foundation, plus we have helped purchase quite a number of pieces of medical equipment.  We also give scholarships every year to local high school kids who are going into medical careers. Every penny of profit the Auxiliary makes goes to Riverwood, and we are all volunteering our time!”



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