Carla Zugel – Surgery Safety

Carla Zugel comments on her knee replacement surgery at Riverwood Healthcare Center during the coronavirus pandemic. With elective surgeries temporarily postponed for two months, she was one of the first patients when surgeries resumed in mid-May 2020 with new safety guidelines for patients.

“I was originally scheduled to have my right knee replacement with Dr. Erik Severson during the first week in April, so I only had to wait about five weeks before getting it rescheduled. The new safety steps were all very well planned out for surgery patients.

When I came in for my pre-op exam, I got screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the entrance, then tested for COVID-19 a few days ahead of my surgery. I was absolutely assured of my safety and the sanitary environment in the clinic and hospital.

The orthopaedic team at Riverwood was great. They told me exactly what to expect from my total joint replacement surgery and recovery. They were so kind and reassuring at such a critical time.

I had been living with pain in both my knees for many years, lots of wear-and-tear from an active lifestyle. Dr. Severson calmed my fears and uncertainty and put me at ease about having the knee surgery. He’s absolutely amazing! I moved here from a bigger city, and I can’t believe the high quality of the healthcare here in this small, rural community.

I stayed in the hospital two nights before going home for blood pressure and medication monitoring. Those nurses were phenomenal, plus the pharmacist was a great help with some pain medication concerns. Riverwood is the best hospital I’ve ever known!

My physical therapy is going well, and I’m already planning to have my other knee replacement later this summer. I feel blessed all around!”

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