Brooke Mickelson – OB Care

“After going to several different health systems for help with infertility problems, I switched my care to Riverwood. I couldn’t be happier with my choice because of the outcome. I got pregnant with my second daughter, Makenna, who was born August 3, 2017. We also have a 7-year-old daughter Kyleigh.

Working with the OB/GYN physician team at Riverwood, they were all very supportive and caring. I knew I was getting the best care before, throughout and after my pregnancy. Knowing that I could always contact any of them with questions and concerns was very important to me.

I love that the whole Riverwood staff is so accommodating to OB patients, from the specialty clinic staff, lab and radiology, and especially the labor and delivery team. It gives moms-to-be peace of mind knowing everyone is eager to support you throughout your pregnancy.

The labor nurses and providers were amazing! They talked us through every step and were always making sure I was comfortable. They were all very personable and made my husband and I feel like family, which was so nice for me and helped me relax.

The OB nurses were so supportive and calm, ensuring skin-to-skin contact right away and helping with breastfeeding within minutes of her birth. They made sure our baby was feeding and latching correctly before we went home.

The birthing suites were awesome! They were spacious, very comfortable and relaxing for me and my husband through the whole labor and postpartum time.

When I returned to my nursing job at Riverwood, the OB team informed me that I would be supported with breastfeeding; I was shown the lactation room for continuing to provide breast milk while at work.”

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