Bob & Darlene Munneke – Family Medicine

“Our primary care provider, Dr. Tom Lawson, is always pleasant and friendly,” explains Bob.  “He wants to hear from us about how we are and what health issues we are facing, and is willing to listen to our concerns.”

Darlene adds: “Riverwood is so special because of the connection with our community. I feel like the minute you walk into the hospital and clinic, the staff gives out caring right from the start. The love that they show comes out in ways that help the whole healing process.”

Bob and Darlene also praise Riverwood’s specialty clinic, which brings in a wide variety of medical experts and keeps their care close to home.

Bob comments: “Here we are in Aitkin, a tiny town in the middle of the north woods, and we’ve got this outstanding, modern facility taking care of so many specialty areas of healthcare. It’s just fantastic!”

In the past year, Bob has been hospitalized several times at Riverwood. The first hospitalization required a stay of nine days during which time the physician, nurses, lab technicians, and other staff worked diligently to find a diagnosis and treatment to support the healing process. During the second hospitalization, teamwork among the healthcare professionals was again a big positive factor. The entire medical staff made Bob and Darlene feel comfortable with the decisions and care provided.

Bob and Darlene add:  “With 29 years as Riverwood patients, we have been impressed with the special care we have received from the medical staff and their attentiveness to details in order to give the best possible care.  We feel that they have an interest in our personal well-being. The message the medical staff conveys is ‘we’re working on this together, we’re all going to take good care of you and you’re going to be okay.’”





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