Nicole Skattum – OB Care

“Riverwood is family to me. I have complete trust in and comfort with the whole team.

I delivered my second baby, Noah, at Riverwood in February 2018. I had collaborative OB care with Dr. Don Hughes, family medicine, and Dr. Christina Kramer, OBGYN.

Dr. Kramer is very down to earth, listens to patients, and used my input in my plan of care.  Dr. Hughes is so dedicated to his patients, answers and addresses questions and concerns at any time. I appreciate that he personally calls with lab and imaging results. Dr. Hughes also got in touch with me after my baby was born to see how everything was going.

The doctors here explain everything they are doing and are great advocates for the patient. They address any discomforts and intervene in a timely matter, explaining each step and what to expect during pregnancy.

The nurses and surgical team made my C-section delivery go very smoothly.  The nurse anesthetist, Lincoln Roth, made me very comfortable and explained everything that was going on during the surgical procedure. Since I couldn’t see because of the surgery drape, I really appreciated that.

The OB nurses are highly trained in breastfeeding, so the education they provide makes breastfeeding easy and successful. They also explained that they would be available at any time if I had feeding problems once I got home. The nurses also facilitated skin-to-skin contact for me and my baby right after birth even though it’s more difficult with a C-section delivery.

The Riverwood birthing suites are beautiful, spacious and clean.  It was very comfortable and convenient for my husband to stay the night.  The room is also inviting for family and friends to visit.

I love that mother and infant safety is a top priority at Riverwood. Altogether, I had a very supportive OB team and great birthing experience. For any kind of healthcare need, I would choose Riverwood every time!”

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