Riverwood recognizes employees for years of service

On Nov. 15, Riverwood Healthcare Center honored 17 employees who have celebrated milestone anniversaries of 10, 15, 25 or 30 years at a celebration dinner at Ruttger’s. Their combined years of service totals 235!

 The program focused on celebrating the honored employees individually and included sharing of valued contributions the respective employees have made to Riverwood over the years.

 “Riverwood Healthcare Center is truly blessed to have so many employees who have devoted 10 or more years of outstanding service to the healthcare needs of our community,” said Riverwood CEO Michael Hagen. “Our annual recognition dinner serves to honor those individuals with milestone anniversaries and thank them for their years of dedicated service.”

 Employees who were honored are listed left to right with the number of years following each name. In the front row are: Julie Landrus (25), Barb Packer (10), Sherry Reese (10), Chris Vanderheyden (10); and back row: Mike Hagen (10), Dawn Slette (20), Liz Boyer (15), Howard Steece (30), Betty Cooper (10), Dr. Ted Trueblood (10), Roger Gale (25). Not pictured are Bill Ehlers (10), Stacy Leiviska (10), Carolyn Hagen (10), Russ Sherman (10), Marcia Treadway (10), Shanda Bartel (10), and Mary Holm (10).

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