Provider Recruitment

Tanya Pietz,
Physician Recruiter

Are you looking for a practice opportunity where you can provide exceptional care in a progressive medical center located in the heart of beautiful lakes and woods country?

Riverwood Healthcare Center is an independent, fully integrated health system with three primary care clinics and a highly acclaimed critical access hospital. We are proud of partnerships that enable us to provide an incredible range of comprehensive specialty services, keeping our patients close to home.

Join our growing practice of over 60 physicians, specialists and surgeons. We invite you to partner with us to deliver healthcare from the heart.

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Why Riverwood?

Here’s a summary of key reasons healthcare providers choose to practice here.

  • Prestigious hospital designations: Level III Trauma Center, Level One Heart Attack Hospital
  • Advanced technologies including robotic-assisted and minimally invasive surgeries
  • A wide range of specialty care that keeps patients close to home
  • Continuous expansion/growth of facilities to meet growing healthcare needs
  • Collaborative team approach with senior leadership welcoming provider ideas and input
  • Strong employee and provider satisfaction scores
  • A culture of wellness with on-site fitness center

Why would I love living in this community?

Our community offers a strong sense of belonging for those who are looking for a different way of life, leaving the pace of urban living behind. This is a great place to raise your family in a very safe, small-town environment where relationships are authentic, and quality of living is high. You will find a vibrant, active community focused on great schools, small class sizes and excellent education as well as arts and theater opportunities.

Would I have easy access to shopping?

Absolutely!  We are very conveniently located only 30 minutes from the Brainerd Lakes area with access to major retailers, shopping and restaurants. Located only two hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul and one hour from Duluth, this area is close enough for an easy day trip to take in a major sporting event, shopping, theaters or a fun weekend get-away.

Our communities offer vibrant businesses. Meet your friends at your favorite coffee shop or internet café, get a pedicure, make a lunch date and spend the afternoon browsing the fun shops.

Delivery drivers know the area and are great at delivering all your online purchases.

Large locally owned grocery stores offer a wide variety of produce and organic foods to meet most dietary needs. You may purchase fresh, locally grown produce at area Farmers Markets or at a local organic foods store. There’s a local apple orchard in the area plus berry picking farms.

What would I find most challenging about living in a smaller rural community?

Small town living offers its own unique challenges, which may include sacrificing a small amount of convenience in exchange for more peaceful living and a higher quality of life.

While there are fewer restaurant and eating out options, there are plenty of festivals and social events offering great food and entertainment. The annual fish house parade and chili cook-off, Wild Rice Days with all-you-can-eat corn on the cob, and Hunters Suppers to name a few.

With fewer distractions, it’s easier to focus on more time with family and friends – dinner parties, home-cooked meals, and cooking classes through community ed.

Our north woods area is home to several high-quality arts and cultural venues. While you won’t have access to concerts featuring superstars, local casinos feature some prominent musicians who tour nationally.  Live classical music is within an hour’s drive at the Lakes Area Musical Festival in Brainerd or the Itasca Symphony at the Reif Performing Arts Center in Grand Rapids, which features some big-name pop music stars through the year.

We invite you to visit and check out this beautiful and vibrant area. We love it here and hope you will too!

What are the seasons really like “up north”?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the place to be!  Whatever the season, we live and play outdoors.

Summer – There is only one word for summers spent up north…magical! Summers are full of community festivals, hours spent swimming, fishing and boating. Enjoy evenings watching Little League, with an ice cream cone by the river. This is where our community shines.

Fall – There is nothing like a Friday night hometown football game cuddled up under layers of fleece and flannel, stories told around campfires, and afternoons spent hunting, bird watching, and taking long walks through a forest alive with color.

Winter – If you enjoy a genuine snow season and all of the fun that goes along with it, this is the place for you!  Up north winter activities may include high school wrestling, dance and basketball games; snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding trips; or afternoons full of ice fishing, sledding and ice skating. We bundle up in down parkas and have fun. Do you need an SUV or 4-wheel drive to live here? Not required, but often a good idea!

Spring – Yes, we all get a little bit of cabin fever as spring approaches. On the first 40-degree day, windows are open and lunch breaks are spent outside walking and enjoying the sunshine! Or some tap trees for maple syrup. If you have never tasted fresh maple syrup, add this to your list when you move up north!

Riverwood staff has identified five values that we use every day as guidelines in our interactions with our patients and with each other.

  • Integrity
    As a team, we are committed to treating our patients and all of our team members honestly and fairly.
  • Customer Service
    As a team, we are dedicated to going “above and beyond” in interactions with our patients and each other.
  • Unity
    As a team, we are united in the drive to give everyone the best patient or customer service experience possible.
  • Respect/Compassion
    As a team, we treat our patients and coworkers with respect and compassion at all times.
  • Excellence/Passion
    As a team, we have a passion for excellence. We provide superior healthcare services of which we are proud, and that inspire our patients to recommend Riverwood to family and friends.