Pay attention to your overall health

With a huge focus on COVID-19 and how to prevent it, there’s still a need to pay attention to all aspects of your health. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, or other acute or chronic conditions, don’t ignore warning signs that need medical attention. Call your health care provider to alert him or her of any change in your health.

Now is a time when you need to stay as healthy as possible. The best way to do that is to connect with your health care provider for advice.

At Riverwood Healthcare, you now have the option of a Telehealth Virtual Visit, a video appointment that brings you face to face with your provider in the comfort of your home. Learn more at https://riverwoodhealthcare.org/telehealth-virtual-visits/

“We want to make sure that patients are getting the routine care they need and routine follow up for chronic medical conditions,” said Dr. Tim Arnold, Riverwood family physician. “It is now more important to have good control over chronic medical conditions as they can increase the health risks from COVID infection.”

Dr. Arnold adds: “Our hospital and clinics continue to provide continuity of care while taking extra safety precautions such as screening patients and visitors at entrances, requiring wearing of masks while on site and thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all facilities. Patients are able to come in for lab tests and imaging services like x-rays and CT scans, and for in-person visits as needed.”

If urgent or serious health issues arise, don’t delay seeking medical care. For example, if you are having severe chest pain or trouble breathing, you need to seek emergency care immediately with a call to 9-1-1.

During this time of staying at home, being physically active is more important than ever. Now that it’s warmer, this is a great time to get outside and go for a walk. Sit outside and enjoy the sounds of nature. Do some yard work or gardening, as you are able.

Physical activity and connecting with nature are great stress relievers. In addition, there are other relaxation tools you can use such as yoga and meditation practices. Free apps for these are available online.

If you are feeling anxious and stressed and would like to talk with someone, Riverwood offers mental health services through an experienced team of Behavioral Health professionals. For an appointment in person, by phone or video, call 218-394-2490. The new behavioral health clinic location is 601 Bunker Hill Drive in Aitkin, and service is also available in Garrison and McGregor as well.

“As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, Riverwood is continually monitoring the situation and taking all necessary precautions to always keep our patients and staff healthy and safe,” Dr. Arnold added. “We advise you to reduce your risk for COVID-19 by limiting your contact with others, practicing social distancing and thorough hand washing.”

For more COVID-19 prevention tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), go to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html