Online app helps manage medications

Pharmacy Director Spencer Page & McGregor Pharmacy Manager Jason Brunko

Managing prescription medications can be time-consuming and complex. Now there’s an online tool called RxLocal that can help make the process easier.

“Mobile apps like RxLocal streamline pharmacy service and communication, saving patients time and effort during a busy day,” explains Spencer Page, director of pharmacy at Riverwood Healthcare Center.

The RxLocal app provides a mobile option for seamless pharmacy communication. It allows participants to select a pharmacy to request prescription medication refills, message the pharmacy staff, and set up reminders to take medications. Individuals can also access and update their patient profile information.

Riverwood pharmacies in Aitkin, Garrison or McGregor use the RxLocal app.  Download the RxLocal app for Android or Apple. A link to the RxLocal registration web page is also posted on the pharmacy page.