Holiday Mental Health Tips

The holiday season, often portrayed as a time of joy, can also bring about stress and anxiety for many. Almost two-thirds of people with mental illness feel the holidays worsen their conditions. However, it is important to remember we have more control than we think we do.


Prioritize your mental well-being
It’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself during this time of the year. Prioritize your mental well-being by making time for yourself. Maintaining your healthy habits is vital to beating the holiday blues. Ensure proper nutrition, prioritize getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and incorporate daily exercise into your schedule. A 30-minute walk has been shown to uplift mood as effectively as some depression medications.

Set healthy boundaries
It’s easy to overextend yourself during the holidays. Juggling multiple holiday events or overextending your budget can easily add to stress and anxiety. Stick to your budget and remember it’s okay to say “no” to too many activities or responsibilities.

Get professional support
Remember, it’s okay to seek professional support. If you find yourself struggling, Riverwood’s Behavioral Health Clinic is here for you. Call (218) 395-2490 to schedule your appointment. Click here to learn more.

Our behavioral health team brings over 30 years of combined experience and includes providers who are dual certified in both family medicine and psychiatry. They provide a holistic approach to mental health, taking into consideration your symptoms, medical history, and social environment. They work with you and your primary provider to create a plan that best fits your needs.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Janet Larson remarked, “Never be ashamed of how you are feeling. Past experiences make us who we are. The RHHC behavioral health team is here to help you navigate the mental health issues you may be experiencing.”

Whether you’re excited, nervous, anxious, or stressed about the upcoming holidays, know that you are not alone. By taking small actions every day, you can make a difference in your mental well-being.