Orthopedic patient receives stellar care

Barb Kallio, Embarrass, Minn., is an avid bowler, sometimes bowling in two different leagues. She set a personal goal to carry on with her passion of bowling until she reached the age of 85. Until she couldn’t. Barb could no longer bowl due to a hand issue.

“It wasn’t just bowling,” Barb said. “I could no longer carry a dinner plate, or hold items in my hand. My hand issue was impacting my daily life.”

Barb consulted with two different orthopedic specialists near her hometown, resulting in two different care plans. During a conversation with her son-in-law, Ken Westman, CEO at Riverwood Healthcare Center, Barb shared the differing opinions. Ken mentioned that Riverwood has an exceptional hand surgeon and suggested a consult with Susan Moen, MD. She took Ken’s advice and scheduled an appointment.

Barb chose Riverwood Orthopaedics after pondering her care plan for a couple days. She said, “I connected with Dr. Moen. I trusted what she said. She made me feel comfortable about my hand surgery and was so easy to talk to, answering all my questions.”

Surgery took place early February with Dr. Moen performing the following procedures: endoscopic carpal tunnel release, thumb MCP joint fusion, and a CMC suspension arthroplasty. Barb shares, “I am making strides. I was unsure if I would ever bowl again, but Dr. Moen is hopeful by fall, with some adaptations to my bowling ball, I may be back in the alley again doing what I love to do.”

Barb was impressed with the care she received at Riverwood and is sharing with all her friends in northern MN. She added, “Riverwood exceeded my expectations with the overall care of my hand injury. Dr. Moen and the entire surgery team were so comforting. The hospital itself was much bigger and more beautiful than I expected.”

To schedule an appointment with Riverwood Orthopaedics, call 218-927-5181 or go to www.riverwoodhealthcare.org