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Riverwood employees recognized for long-term service

On Nov. 15, Riverwood Healthcare Center honored 38 employees who have celebrated milestone anniversaries or retirement in 2012 at a special dinner at Ruttger’s. Their collective years of service totals 625!

The program focused on celebrating the honored employees individually and included sharing of valued contributions the respective employees have made to Riverwood over the years.

“Riverwood is truly blessed to have so many health care professionals who have made outstanding contributions to make a positive difference for the health of our patients,” said Riverwood CEO Michael Hagen. “This annual recognition dinner is our way of showing our sincere appreciation for their dedicated, long-term service.”

Pictured showing years of service or retiree status are (front, left to right) Merrill Holm (30), Cindy Sherman (20), Cindy Jackson (15), Callie Christensen (10), Julie Giese (15), Karen Elias (30), and Becky Monse (15); (back, left to right) Tom Lawson (20), Janet Lindgren (15 ), Dorine Bentley-Sorben (10), Kathy Galliger (35), Heidi Price (20), Vicky Brown (15), Jen Ehnstrom (10), Shirley Stille (10 ), Don Hughes (20), Linda Hunt (25), John Seberg (retired), and Marcy Mateyka (10).

Not pictured: Tim Arnold (10), Marsha Battles (retired), Tonya Butler (20), Amber Crowther (10), Kris Danzl (20), Jeff Ehnstrom (10), Renee Fliss (15), Barb Frederickson (15), Dan Goodwin (15), Tanya Grimsbo (10), Jim Harris (15), Janet Larson (15), Kevin Miller (10), Mavis Oesterich (retired), Sharon Peterson (retired), Jeff Rapp (10), John Slettom (retired), Marsha Treadway (retired), and Mary Weyand (10).

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